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Related post: Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 10:23:24 -0700 From: Jan May Subject: Reform School Girl (lesbian / Authoritarian, f/ ffF)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a girl and women. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for teen porn feet personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please natural teen porn contact the author for permission.Copyright 2004 Jan, All Rights Reserved.Please mail to if you have suggestions for future stories. Reform School Girl By Jan Valerie got home in the wee hours of the morning and tried to be as quiet as possible. She did not want to wake her daughter Pamela. It was only three more hours before the child's alarm would be going off and she would have to get herself up and dress for school. The youngster had been making up her own bed and getting her own breakfast for the past couple of years. The simple reason she had to get herself off to school was that her mother, Valerie was a cheep street teen fuck pictures walker that plied her gril teen porn trade along the Interstate Highway in the area where long haul truck drivers stopped over night, refueled and got something to eat. She could not work the restaurant without drawing the wrath of the managers or the local police. The safest way for her to work was to hang out near a public phone booth near the entrance to the large parking lot near the all-inclusive complex of gas station, motel and restaurant. She dressed provocatively under a long coat so that she could flash passing trucks and still hide her skimpy apparel is a black and white passed by. She would make like she was using the phone. If a driver showed interest in her service she was prepared to service them in the sleeper of the truck cab or meet them in the motel after the driver paid for the room. Then she would slip in from an angle that the clerk could not see her enter the motel room. When she got home to her own cheep motel room she would smell of whisky, Old Spice after shave, and male cum. She would slip into the bathroom and give herself a douche and a sponge bath. Then she would put on a simple over sized T- shirt to sleep in. She would remove her makeup and turn the light off before she would slip back into the room and curl up next to her daughter as quietly as possible. The most that would happen was that Pamela would roll over to face her and fling her arm over her mother in her sleep. Valerie rarely even stirred when the radio came on to wake Pamela. Pamela would give her mother a gentle kiss and make her lunch and a bowl of cereal before she dressed and head for school. She was a good student but had few friends because she was embarrassed to let anyone know that she lived in a run down motel room. What little cooking they did was on a hot plate. It was bad enough that teen porn chat she could not afford nice clothes to go to school in. Most of her wardrobe came from the Salvation Arm thrift store. The lecherous old motel manager knew that Valerie was a hooker and that sexy teen porn videos she worked most of the night leaving the child home alone with nothing but the cheep motel television for company. He was a skinny old man with bad teeth. His breath smelled bad enough to make anyone appreciate the Plexiglas partition that separated his office from the patrons. One night he closed up the office well into the early hours and knocked on the door of Pamela's room. Pamela had been sound sleep. She got up thinking her mother teen socks porn had forgotten her key. The half drunk man forced his way into the room along ugly teen girls porn with his bottle of ***** wine. He backed Pamela up until the backs of her legs came in contact with the double bed. She sat down and he sat down next to her saying, "Why don't you have japanese teen porn video a redhead teen creampies drink with me?" She tried to tell him she didn't drink but he held the back of her head and naked brunnete teen porn put the bottle to her lips and tilted it up. He held it there until she swallowed a mouthful of the wine. She hated the taste but had to swallow a second mouthful before he removed the bottle so he could take another drink. By the time the bottle was empty she felt her cheeks tingling. She was crying and begging him to leave her alone. legal asian teen porn He kept telling her that he was not going to hurt her. He just wanted to have a little fun. As he was saying that he was pawing at her nightgown. He pulled the gown over her head by simply lifting her off the bed. He ran his free young teen sex rough hands over her long legged body. It was a slender body that could not resist his advances. He simply over powered her and placed her on the bed. When he stood up to remove his clothes she tried to roll off the bed on the opposite side. He grabbed her and slapped her hard across the face and told her, "Stay right where you are little girl if don't want to get hurt." He smelled sweaty and his clothes reeked of cigarette smoke. His skinny body was covered in dark hair and he had a sunken chest. When she saw his penis she was disgusted. His scrotum looked like sickly white prunes. When he took hold of his cock and stroked it a few times it grew to six inches tube of meat of which he was very proud. She just thought it looked nasty. The head was purple and the circumcision scar was darker in color from his pale while meat. The dark hairy patch the surrounded the base looked filthy and unruly. He kissed her on the mouth and he forced his tongue into her mouth. She could taste the wine and cigarettes on his breath and it made her feel sick. Then he took hold of her ankles porn teen gallerys and spread her legs as he positioned himself between them. Then forced teen porn using his right hand he guided his cock between the lips of her little hairless cunt. He was leaking pre-cum and the head was wet as he pressed it against her virgin pussy. She tried to cry out in pain when his cock tore through her hymen but his mouth was still covering hers and her scream was never heard. He fucked her roughly and enjoyed seeing her virginal blood collecting around the base of his cock. When he finally released his cum into her the little canal got very slippery. He just collapsed on top of her and dozed off in a lesbin teen porn pics xxx teen free porn drunken stupor but when she tried to get out from under him he awoke and fucked her again. Afterwards she had little choice but to lay there with his shriveled up cock oozing his jism from her hole and down the crack of her ass. He was still asleep when Valerie opened the door to the room. At first she thought she was in the wrong room because all she could see was the pale white hairy butt of a man on the bed. It took her a moment to see the skinny leg of her daughter sticking out from under him. She flew into a fit of rage. She picked up a number 8 cast teen cartoons porn iron frying pan and swung it with all of her strength at his head. It was a sickening squishy sound. When the parents of gay teens police arrived the bed was covered in both Pamela's teen titans manga porn virginal blood and blood from the man's head. When all was said and young teen porn angel done, Pamela was placed in the care of the county youth protection authorities and her mother was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a term of 10 to 25 years. free solo teen porn Pamela had a sever case of male fright after that. She distrusted anything and everything with a penis. She rebelled against all male authority. She was sure that her mother went to jail because she was a hooker. Had she been a shop worker and killer her rapist she would have been acquitted of his death as justifiable homicide. Pamela was shuffled from foster home to foster home. She was rebellious and most of the families that she was placed in were only interested in the money they got for housing her. They misspent most of the money allotted for her food and clothing. She was teens fuck for cash not allowed to visit her mother. They lost contact with each other. Pamela did nothing to endear herself to any family that took her in. She was getting quickly to the point where she was going to be housed at detention home for girls (a euphemism for girl's jail). When she was delivered to the home she was in for a rough time. The head matron was a heavy set woman in a blue uniform. She looked more like a man than a woman. Her heavy eyebrows and hairy hot teen porn thumbnails upper lip coupled teen porn spring break with the constant scowl on her face frightened Pamela. Their teen sex chatrooms first meeting was marked by Pamela back talking to the matron and getting a right hand across her left cheek for her efforts. The blow was so hard that it left a red mark for hours. The matron informed best teen porn galleries her that they knew how to handle rebellious girls. Then she told one of the female guards to place her in the cooler. She was stripped of all clothing and placed in a small room hardly large enough for her to lie down on the steel floor. She found out fast enough why the room was all steel. It was right next to the steam boiler. Why they called this the "cooler" was a mystery to her. The temperature in the box was over one hundred degrees. She lost all track of time. The only clue of time was when a tin plate and cup was slipped through a hatch at the bottom of the door. She figured she must have been in the box for three days when the door was opened and the blinding light hit her eyes. She was paraded, totally free teen masturbation porn naked, down the hall to the showers. The large cake of soap she was given to wash with smelled of disinfectant and the water felt very cold against her skin after the heat of the "cooler". Her skin felt like it was covered with goose bumps by the time she was allowed to dry herself. Then she was led to a medical office where an older woman in a white lab teen sex movies coat inspected her. They made her run her fingers through her hair in case she had anything hidden there that could cut. Then she looked inside her mouth. She was looking mostly to make sure she didn't have contraband under her tongue. She was forced to lay on a table where the women put a latex hot teen lebian porn gloved finger deep into her pussy and then made her turn over so she could probe her rectum as well. The woman seemed to enjoy her job far too much. There was no need to push her fingers in and out the way she did. When the medic and guard were finished degrading her she was marched naked back to the matron's office. This time the institutional head was seated behind her desk. She excused the guard and then proceeded to tell Pamela that free porn movies teen her time there could be easy or hard it was up to her to decide how it would be. Pamela didn't say anything in response. She noticed that the woman's uniform jacket was hanging on a coat rack behind the desk. The matron wore in a white blouse with a black tie that was held in place by a golden tie bar. little teen porn pictures The starched blouse had two pockets with button down flaps. The pearl buttons were positioned right where her nipples should be. When the matron stood up and walked around her desk to stand in front of Pamela free nude teen pic the girl could not believe what she was presented with. The matron's blouse was hanging past her waist and she was naked from the waist down. Her large thighs were capped by a thick growth of dark pubic hair. She smiled and said "If you play your card right Pamela you can enjoy your stay here." With that she placed her hands on Pamela's shoulders and forced her to her knees. Stepping forward asian pree teen porn she ground her pussy into the girl's face. young teen 3d porn Pamela wanted to bite her very young teen pussy cunt but knew better than do that or she would be back in the cooler again. She kept her eyes and her mouth closed and suffered the indignity and the smell of being face fucked by the woman's cunt. After a few minutes the matron returned behind her desk she said, "We will talk again and you will learn teen girl feet porn how to please me eventually...Guard." The guard came in and took her to free teen porn cams get her uniform. She was given a ditty bag fast downloading teen porn to put toiletry items in and a blanket, sheets, pillow and pillowcase. Then she was marched to a cell block called a dorm. It was an attempt to give the teen lovers porn impression of a collage campus. The only private room on the floor was the room of the house mother as she was called. That woman, it turned out, was an averaged height, skinny woman who smoked so much that her skin between her left index and middle fingers were stained tobacco yellow and her teeth were stained as well. When the guard left them alone the woman stood up and told her that they had a happy dorm and all the girls lesbian teen sex videos got along famously. She looked at the chart on the wall to see which cubical had an empty bunk. Using a grease pencil she wrote Pamela's in a space available. Then she led her down the tiled floors to a cubical where there was a mattress rolled up at the claudia in teen porn foot of the bunk. She was teen 69 porn told that she would leave her to get her bunk made. Pamela unrolled the mattress and pulled the bag like sheet on it and tied the strings closed. Then she put the other sheet on the bed followed by the wool blanket both of which were then tucked it under the mattress like the other beds. She put her personal items in the metal locker and sat on the bed wondering about her mother and moms and teen porn about what would become of her in this place. She was taking in the scenery out side the window when she was brought under teen porn free back to reality by the sound of tennis shoes squeaking on the tile floor. When she turned around she was looking at a tough looking, heavy set, girl of about eighteen year of age. teen porn strip She was in a blue denim shirt covered by male bib overalls. Her face looked hard and her hair was cut so short it could only be called a buzz cut. She came into the cubical and sat down next to her on the bunk and said, "What have we here? I heard that we were getting a new fish that had landed in the cooler within minutes of her arrival." Pamela thought better than to antagonize this girl by smarting off to her so she said "My name is Pamela. And yes it was me that got the cooler." The big gal put her arm around her shoulders and asked, "What are you in for?" My mom killed the bastard that rapped me. I was put in foster homes but they were all assholes. They say I am incorrigible so a judge sent me here." The gal said, "Tough free teen porn images luck kid! By the way my name is Wilma but to my free porn teen masterbation friends I'm just Billy." Pamela was savvy enough to figure that this was a dyke. She was not sure she wanted the friendship of someone like that. Billy asked if she had been to the matron's office yet. Pamela shook her head in the affirmative. "Then you know what to expect from her. You have to learn to go with the flow. There are some deprived bikini teen porn guards and there are some inmates here that can make your life a living hell. If you want to be my chick I will look after you." Pamela did not want to commit to being the chick of a dyke but she didn't want to antagonize a gal that looked like she could beat her to a pulp. She simply said, "I'm not into that kind of action." Billy smiled and removed her arm from her shoulders and said, "Let me know if you change your mind." A bell rang and Billy said that is chow call. "Follow me." On the way to the dinning hall she told her that the food here is not bad but nothing to write home about. As they stood in the chow line, a number of tough looking girls asked Billy if she had a new chick. Billy gave them hard looks and they soon shut up. Billy pointed out the girls to stay away from. Over the next couple of days Pamela got used to the routine of the place. She was assigned to male teen porn stars scullery duty in the kitchen. The work around the steam washer was hot but not all that hard. By the time all of the trays, silverware, pots and pans were cleaned and the floors were scrubbed she got a chance to rest before the next meal was started. She didn't go far from the kitchen. It was not uncommon for her to gather near the dumpsters in back with a couple of other girls where they shared cigarettes. One day she was sitting on a plastic crate smoking by herself. One of teen titans porn photos the tough looking dykes that Billy had pointed out to her as trouble came around the dumpsters accompanies by a couple of her followers. She was dressed just like Billy had been and her friends were dressed in the same kind of dress as she had been issued but theirs were modified so the hems barely covered their cunts. As they approached her, the leader named Martha asked Pamela in a horse voice, "Why don't you come live in my dorm? I can treat you better that that cow Billy." She stopped in front of Pam and took her cigarette out of her hand and smoked it. hot teen porn girls "We grow our own weed on the roof of our dorm. We could have some real parties together." Pamela said, "I am not into pot." Martha laughed and said, "You don't know what you're missing." As she said that she pulled a homemade cigarette gay teen boy videos from one of those pockets in the bib of her coveralls. As she lit it and inhaled the smoke she gave a look to her cohorts and they flanked Pamela and grabbed her by the arms. Martha placed her mouth over Pamela's and forced her to inhale the smoke, much as that bastard landlord had made her swallow wine the nigh of her rape. She went into a coughing jag. Martha repeated the process several times. At first Pam didn't feel any different. Then it seemed like it drew streaming video teen sex darker her body went limp. It was as if her body was not hers. When she tried to do simple things like transexual teen porn videos move her legs, they seemed to respond slowly. When the two girls let go of her she was unstable teen boy foreskin porn to stand without weaving a little. Martha seemed light skinned teen porn to think that was amusing. She unbuttoned her dress and felt her budding breasts. When she stuffed her rough hand into fat pussy teen porn her panties and felt her little pussy the other two girls thought that was comical too. Martha pulled open the fly of her coveralls and pulled out a latex dildo that was strapped around her waist. Pamela looked at the tool and fear over took her consciousness. She tried to bolt but Martha simply slapped her face, spun her around and bent her over the crate as she tossed her dress up over her back. Then she pulled down the baggy underpants and Pamela felt her straddle her hips and guide her dildo into her tight little cunt. The dildo was not lubricated and it gay teen sites damaged the lining of her vagina as it pounded into her body. She may not have had a hymen but this tool was doing as much damage to her vagina as her rapist's prick had done when it first entered her virgin pussy. She was bleeding and very sore by the time Martha was satisfied. The other two girls had been laughing and shouting encouragement as they pinched her little nipples teen cyber sex chat during the assault. As Martha put her dildo back into her coveralls she told Pamela, "You better come over and become my chick or I'll rape your sweet pussy every day. amateur teen couple porn Either way your ass will be mine." Pamela was crying as the three of them disappeared around the corner laughing. Her cronies were saying things like "You really showed that little cunt who is boss." She slowly stood up and pulled up her stretched panties. Then she buttoned the front of her dress. In her distraught state she teen porn clips buttoned the right side one button to high. She limped back into the scullery where a guard saw her and took her to the infirmary where that lecherous medic undressed her and inspected spicy teen blowjobs her. After she treated her she put her into a bed and went about completing the necessary paper work as she grumbled. In the half light of the afternoon Pamela was drifting off to sleep when the matron came in to investigate what had happened. She came close enough to Pamela to smell the pot. She did not believe asian porn angel teen her when Pamela tried to explain that she had been forced to inhale the smoke from the mouth of the girl that had rapped her. The matron slapped her face, "You were not rapped you lying tramp, you just got high and hurt yourself masturbating on your own makeshift dildo. No girl in my care has ever been rapped!" Pamela knew no report would be made about what really happened. It free white teen porn took her a few days to recover before she hobbled back to free teen tit porn the relative comfort of her cubical. Billy was there and made her tell her all about what had happened and who did it. That night Martha was returning to her dorm from indaan teen porn the recreation hall with her two cronies when Billy and group of her friends waylaid them and pulled them into a warehouse. The two cronies were held down while Billy took her revenge on Martha. She beat her severely before she stuffed a glass test tube into her cunt then kicked her between the legs breaking the tube. The last thing she did to mark her for the rest of her life was to use a beer can opener to rake her face from left to right and the crossing the x from right to left. She knew the opener would leave a nasty jagged scar. The other two girls were tied up front to back of Martha with dildos stuffed into their assholes and tied around their waists so that could not come out. They were not found until hours later. The matron didn't want it publicly known that an assault had taken place in her facility. She listed the injuries as an accident in the laundry. No report teen porn movs of the vaginal injuries was ever in a report. The matron blamed Pamela for what took place. She knew it redheads teen porn was Billy that had reaped revenge but she didn't want to cause more problems because she was seen as a hero for defending the brunette teen porn stars young girl. Her answer was to free video teen porn remove porn small smoll teen Pamela from the population. She installed her in a room in the administrative housing quarters. That way she could enjoy her company anytime she wanted and no one would ever know about it. The first night Pamela was teen thumbnails porn in a private room the matron came in to her room wearing a silken dressing gown. The teal color made her gray hair look very attractive. She sat down on the bed and demanded Pamela stand in front of her. As Pam did as she was told the woman produced a pack of cigarettes from a pocket along with a silver lighter. She retrieved one, light it, and blew a cloud of smoke towards the ceiling. Then she stuffed the contents of her hand back into the pocket of her gown. When she crossed her legs the gown parted to expose plenty of naked thighs. She casually told Pamela to undress for her. Pamela was almost in tears as she unbuttoned the front of her simple gray cotton dress. As it slid off her shoulders and floated to the floor around her feet she was standing their trying to maintain some dignity. She felt so used standing there in a cheep cotton ribbed tank top. Her youthful breasts were just starting to produce a little bulge in the material. The baggy cotton underpants were clean from harsh detergents but she feared there might be a tell-tale stain in the crotch. The elastic in the legs was destroyed by the harsh detergents so the legs gapped open almost twice the size of her legs protruding from them. She pulled the tank top over her head and shook french porn teen teens her hair. The matron reached forward and toyed with her nipples. Pamela could not help get a sexual thrill from such manipulation. She was breathing a nude teens fucking little harder as she put her fingers into the waistband and pulled her panties down past amateur teen porn gallery very young nude teens her hips. At that point gravity took over and the ill-fitting panties fell to the floor. She used the toe negro teen porn of one tennis shoe to hold the heel of the other down as she stepped out of first one tennis shoe and then the other. She was now completely naked and at the mercy of her host. When she was told to do so she spread her legs allowing access to her young pussy. The matron cupped the pubic mound with the palm of her hand. Her middle finger wiggled its way between the labia so that she could play with the girl's little youn teen for porn clit. Pamela could hardly support herself because her knees went weak. Then a pair of long fingers penetrated deeply into her vagina. Much as she wanted to resist, the feeling was delicious and she submitted to the finger fucking. The matron masturbated her until she stood there trembling from a climax. The matron sat back and smelled her sticky fingers with a wicked smile on her face. The frantic movement teen bop porn of her arm while she masturbated Pam caused her gown to loosen and gape open. Her large naked breasts were now clearly visible to Pamela. The areolas were dark and dimpled. The nipples were large and stiff looking. The matron took hold of the girl's hands and placed them on her tits. As she took another drag on her cigarette before she snuffed it out in an ashtray. She put her hand around Pamela's neck and pulled her face close so that she could place her mouth over Pamela's mouth. When she blew the smoke into Pam's mouth the girl knew right away that it was pot. She could not believe that the matron had manufactured cigarettes with free teen pussy videos pot in them. When the matron lay back on the bed she pulled young teen lesbain porn the necked girl on top of her. The gown fell open and the girl's naked body was pressed against the flesh of the mature woman. Her face was pressed against one of her breasts. Instinctively Pam's tongue darted out to lick at one of the rubbery appearing nipples. Her teeth closed on it and she bit and pulled tiny teen fuck porn at for a moment. The woman pushed her down her body until the girl was looking at the salt and pepper hair on her pubis. A tug on her hair told her what was expected of her. She obediently opened her mouth and licked her way through the tangle of hair until her tongue was engaged inside the woman's cunt hole. The woman did have on quality perfume but her pussy still smelled strongly. Pamela wondered about when was the last time she had washed herself down there. The labia protruded past her crack and were dark colored. She was torn between her hatred for the woman and the desire to taste her pussy at the same time. If she was not being forced to do this she probably would have to admit tinıy teen porn that she wanted to do it. The matron pulled her legs up and grabbed the backs of her knees so as to young naked teen porn pull her body into more of a ball. She told the girl to put her tongue in her asshole too. Pamela did as she was told. She found that the woman's sphincter relaxed as her tongue entered her hole then it gripped her tongue so tightly that she thought she was never going to let go. Her nose was buried in the moist cunt. The thick juice oozing from the hole was going up her nose as she breathed. She used her tongue and fingers and finally her whole fist to give the woman as much pleasure as possible. When her climax came her body twisted and shook violently and she screamed out every filthy name and word she could think of. Afterwards she rolled the girl over onto her back and pulled Pam up the bed until she was resting on the pillow. Then she tenderly kissed her on the mouth before licking her way down the slender body. She took hold of the slender legs and wrapped them around her neck. She bathed the tender flesh of the girl's pussy with her tongue. She drove the child wild by licking her clit and her pussy and even reamed her asshole much to the delight of the youngster. Pamela responded by climaxing in the face of her mistress. Pamela was spent by the time the matron was ready to rest for the night. The girl simply cradled in her arm and dropped off to sleep. nude and teens In the morning she was porn teen vagina awaken by the feeling of a tickling of her nipples. It was the matron using her fingernail. When her eyes opened the matron kissed her on the mouth and told her how happy she had made her last night. They agreed that they both needed to pee. The matron went first but held onto teen age porn stars the girl's hand filipino teen porn the whole time pee was splashing in the bowl. She had the girl wipe her pussy before she let the girl pee. They brushed their teeth. The matron had an extra toothbrush in Pamela's bathroom for just this reason. When they were back in the bedroom, the matron picked up the phone and made a call. She had put her dressing gown back on but did not allow Pam to get dressed. When there was a knock on the door she got up and opened it. She naked teen porn oictures stepped back and allowed the girl to enter with the breakfast cart. To Pam's surprise it was Billy. teen pussy photos She had to stand there and serve the two of them. The matron rubbed it in by constantly sticking her fingers in Pam's pussy and them smelling them and licking them clean. There was nothing Billy could do but stand there with her fists clinched behind her back until she was dismissed and she left the room kylee teen porn but it was plan to see that her rage was murderous. Days passed with Pamela never being allowed to get dressed. She had become a regular sex slave for the matron. She bathed the woman and did what ever she was told to do. Her reward was an unending supply of pot and as many orgasms as her young body could manufacture. She felt no pain and lost a lot of weight because she failed to eat. Her eyes sank into their sockets. She lost her childish luster. free latina teen porn After a couple of months she was returned to the general population because the matron had used her up and had selected a fresh young girl as her new plaything. When she was returned to Billy's cubical she was a physical wreck. Billy teen porn jobs had to get her off the pot and eating again. She lovingly nursed her back to the point where she was the sweet looking child again. Pam repaid her by falling in love with her one time enemy. It was purely by chance when Billy was in the office when a message arrived that a state fact finding group was going to make a visit. She stuffed it into her overalls and made plans for the matron's downfall. When she delivered the next meal to the love nest cell she saw to it that there were enough drugs in the food to put both the matron and her love toy out for sometime. Then she sex crazed teens made sure that both the matron and the new plaything were in a compromising position. The matron was in her strap on dildo and it was stuffed into hot lesbian teen porn the ass of the young girl. They were sprinkled with enough coke to look like frosted donuts. She made sure she was the custodian on duty when the limousine arrived. The guards didn't know what to do. They were aware that the matron had not been seen since the previous night. They assumed that she had been in her love nest all that time. Before one of them could rush to the room to warn her Billy led the inspection group right to the room and used her pass key to open the door. Then she stood back to let them walk in and find the matron lying on top of the girl. There was hell to pay for months. A new matron was brought in and all of the guards that the inmates ratted on as being part of her group were fired. The new staff that was brought in ran the place as professionally as teens showing cunt any government facility can be run. When Billy turned eighteen she was discharged. She went to a large city where she could find work. She wanted a job where teen porn free webcams she could dress like a man and she found it on the docks as a stevedore. The days of steel hooks were gone. Everything comes in container boxes now and nothing is handled by hand anymore. Cranes handle everything from ship to truck. She worked hard and made more money than most. She had a chinese teen nude nice home by the time Pamela turned eighteen. The two of them set up house keeping together in a lesbian marriage. During the time Pam had been left in the facility she had turned into a rough neck dyke too. She developed a stable of young girls that she took her pleasures from. When she got out it took some time for her to get used to being Billy's fem again. There were some contentious moments because she liked to flirt with cute girls. Billy caught her more than one time with her face between the legs of some young thing. She could never hold a grudge on Pam however. She loved her too much for that. She finally came to grips with Pam's need to play with young girls teen porn preview and even allowed her to date some as long as she could watch and then be invited to join them.I hope you enjoyed the story and have a story you would like told please send your mail to
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